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Come Meet-Up With Like Minded People!

2008-2018 | 4tlanta, GA

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4ngiefest Meetups

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Our Next Meet-Up Is Not Set

Event is Free, But There’s Only Room for Too Many!

Not Speakers

You’d probably like to meet our speakers, but sorry. We dont speak. 

This isnt 4ngie
This isnt 4ngie

Head 'Fest Maker; Chief of SPAM

Swinf0rd who?
Swinf0rd who?

Head of Guest Relation; SPAMmer 4 lyfe


Master of Torque; SPAM designer

Definitely not 3mily or d4ngerous

Name Goes Here

Name Goes Here

Marketing & Tech

Some dude who has chickens in florida did this



Chief Grille Master

Meat Master

Angry Opinionated Foodie

Angry Opinionated Foodie

Head of Food and Bev; Chief Instigator, N00b Director

Organizer of Hedonism



Head of Time; VP of Scheduling and Logistics

Keeping Time

Sponsors (Fake)

Thanks to our sponsors for making this event FREE to attend
(Real ones to come)

Want to Speak at this Meetup or at a Future Meetup?
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Where It’s At

Robert E Lee Blvd,
Stone Mountain, GA 30083


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